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Poliklinik dan Surgeri Dr. Anan M.D. is a beacon of medical excellence in the heart of Ipoh. We encapsulate a healthcare model that places patients at its core by offering round-the-clock and seven-day-a-week quality supervision to ensure continuous top-tier and comprehensive healthcare services are provided to the community.
Beyond treating illnesses, we are a health haven for the Ipoh community, devoted to nurturing a healthy community, safeguarding well-being, and championing dependable and excellent medical care continuity.
At Poliklinik dan Surgeri Dr. Anan M.D., our unwavering pledge is to deliver exceptional healthcare services characterised by unrivalled care quality, safety, and steadfast service by ensuring that each patient acquires comprehensive medical attention. Hence, we have initiated an affordable rate of healthcare services by recognising the diverse socioeconomic backgrounds of our patients without compromising service excellence, which underscores our philosophy of healthcare inclusivity.
The synergy of two highly skilled medical practitioners forges a formidable team intent on administering top-tier healthcare to a diverse patient demographic. As we navigate the complexities of modern healthcare, our institution remains agile, ensuring our infrastructure and practices can adapt to current and emergent medical needs.
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